Christian living

For the why

My memory has two extremes: either I will remember everything or I could forget everything. This is to the extent of forgetting where I’ve put things, what I want to say and sometimes forgetting what I’m looking for in a room just upon entering it. This usually happens when I have many other things on… Continue reading For the why

Christian living

This too shall pass

Just imagine what a disaster it would be to move to a place where you don’t know what the weather is like and what the seasons are. You’ll spend so much time and effort trying to correct the error that you made by being ill prepared. This will be either by buying appropriate clothes for… Continue reading This too shall pass

Christian living

Trust and obey

One of the greatest themes throughout the Bible is obedience. It may not blatantly stated however it is implied by every hero in the Bible that showed great faith. It is because of their trust in God, their ability to do what God said and their belief that it was for the greater good that… Continue reading Trust and obey