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Friends Like Force

  Inertia (mass) is the measure of resistance to motion that a body has. For example, it is easier to push a smaller rock of less mass than a much bigger rock of a larger mass. In this case, having a larger mass is a negative attribute. This is because it takes more energy to… Continue reading Friends Like Force

Christian living

And Thus, January

I had a dream. It happened just at the end of 2017. I was at home, I was still in high school (boarding school) and it was just before schools opened. This was the time I used to prepare and pack for school. However, this time round, I was preoccupied by something. I don’t recall… Continue reading And Thus, January

Christian living

Worth of waiting on GOD

Anyone with experience with baking will tell you that time and conditions of a favoured outcome are absolutely crucial. If the temperature is too low, it undercooks, if the time is altered the cake either flops or burns. It is absolutely essential that one respects the time and conditions stipulated by the recipe otherwise their… Continue reading Worth of waiting on GOD

Christian living

For the why

My memory has two extremes: either I will remember everything or I could forget everything. This is to the extent of forgetting where I’ve put things, what I want to say and sometimes forgetting what I’m looking for in a room just upon entering it. This usually happens when I have many other things on… Continue reading For the why

Christian living

This too shall pass

Just imagine what a disaster it would be to move to a place where you don’t know what the weather is like and what the seasons are. You’ll spend so much time and effort trying to correct the error that you made by being ill prepared. This will be either by buying appropriate clothes for… Continue reading This too shall pass