Christian living

Your True Identity

Disappointments in our lives can easily lead us to question our identity, our place and relevance in that situation or stage in life. It will feel and it will be uncomfortable. Unless we know why we are there and that foundation is unshakeable we will being to question whether if it is the place for… Continue reading Your True Identity

Christian living

God’s Destiny God’s Way

Proverbs 31 vs. 10-end was a passage I overlooked until recently. Firstly, I realised that there is a mighty man of valour mentioned in this scripture who is also worthy of acknowledgement. Secondly, I realised that there is no way that these two became the people described in the passage overnight. It was a process:… Continue reading God’s Destiny God’s Way

Christian living

Friends Like Force

Inertia (mass) is the measure of resistance to motion that a body has. For example, it is easier to push a smaller rock of less mass than a much bigger rock of a larger mass. In this case, having a larger mass is a negative attribute. This is because it takes more energy to get… Continue reading Friends Like Force