“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”  Romans 8: 37


  • noun
  • dialects: Standard Shona

One who wins, or gains by success in competition, contest, or gaming.[1]

Romans 8 vs 37 is the backbone of the purpose that I am trying to fulfil with this blog: to empower others, by means of the word of God, to conquer every challenge and battle that may arise in life, to believe and to live in the light and the power that the Word of God brings.

This blog is for all the conquerors spread across the ends of this earth; this is for everyone that is and will continue to conquer different challenges that they face in life. This is a platform on which I share what has inspired me to live as a conqueror in my everyday life.

I am a conqueror, ndiri mukundi. We are all conquerors, tirivakundi.

Stay blessed!


[1]  Source: https://vashona.com/en/dictionary/sna/mukundi