Christian living

Mind your mouth

In the Bible, Joseph has one of the most remarkable “grass to grace” stories. He was the second most powerful man in a country he was not native to. Imagine a Russian being the second most powerful man in Canada. Unfathomable right? Joseph had already been set out to be great from when he was younger and God made him aware through his dreams. Unfortunately as a result of poor information management, he told the wrong people and his life turned very bitter for a long time before it turned sweet.

Although ancient, the lessons taught by this story apply to our every-day lives. Sometimes we fail to practise information management.  We fail to manage what we do with information, especially about ourselves. Whether we conceal or reveal, how we conceal or reveal and who we conceal from and reveal to. Sometimes God’s plan in our life, our success, is delayed because we fail to keep our plans a secret.

Proverbs 12 vs 23 : A prudent man conceals knowledge, but the heart of fools proclaims foolishness. Let it that you wish for, that you most desire, be your best kept secret. Let your goals be yours to achieve and not for public consumption. Sometimes we receive unnecessary negative feedback or bad advice on ideas which we should not have shared in the first place. Guard your plans jealously and be careful who you reveal them to.

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